In a world of obesity epidemics, a country of record breaking diabetes levels and a nation of a failing healthcare system, surely something that could make us well again would be the answer to all our prayers. In comes wellness; dressed up all sexily with a promise of doing just that. All balance and holistic approaches and wholegrain. At around 7 years deep into our relationship with wellness you’d be forgiven for thinking that by now depression rates would be plummeting and type 2 diabetes a thing of the past.
But that is not the case. What we thought would be our saving grace has silently morphed into our downfall. Wellness has become a dirty word, to be said in hushed tones and not mentioned in front of children. Instead of making us well, now it is about likes on Instagram and protein shakes and juice cleanses. It pits us against unrealistic standards and leaves us to feel ashamed when we have one too many digestives on a Wednesday night. We’ve even lost good old Davina to it.
Wellness honey, if you’re listening, I know you mean well. You’ve just well, changed. In trend-years you must be a teenager now and every adolescent goes through a difficult phase. You’re misunderstood, you’ve forgotten your roots. But we can’t go on like this. We must strive to return to a time in which wellness means mental wellness too. In which we can be healthy AND happy. So I’m calling for a rebrand. In fact, I’m demanding one- if Little Chef can do it, you can too. Let’s make wellness well again.

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