Ahh Big Dick Energy, the latest buzz phrase to be welcomed into every millennial’s vernacular. And while you’d be forgiven for thinking that the latest Twitter phenomenon appears strikingly discriminatory against those who find themselves without said big dick, you are mistaken. In fact, big dick energy is not even exclusively for penis owners. Some people have pointed out that the fact the term revolves around male genitalia could be deemed anti-feminist. But arguably, the name has less to do with men themselves, and more to do with being a commentary on the ‘I’m obsessed with my own junk’ male psyche. But for once let’s just enjoy it anyway, huh?
The term first appeared after Ariana Grande reportedly tweeted, and promptly deleted, an eyebrow-raising description of just how well-endowed her fiancé, Pete Davidson, is. Despite the pop sensation’s attempt to backtrack and her swift deletion of the tweet, such a thing is futile in the Age of the Internet and luckily for us the damage was already done. Twitter users proceeded to spend the rest of the day dissecting the tweet and the um, size of Davidson’s package with one user’s input particularly catching people’s attention.
“Pete davidson is 6’3 with dark circles, exudes big dick energy, looks evil but apparently is an angel, and loves his girl publicly the only thing wrong w him is that he’s a scorpio but anyway.....id married him within a month too” wrote one woman named Tina.
The world agreed. And so Big Dick Energy was born. I could attempt to provide my own definition but luckily Urban Dictionary got there first, making my work easier and confirming it is most definitely a ‘thing’. BDE is a ‘confidence without cockiness. It is never misplaced and it cannot be simulated. It is the sexual equivalent of writing a check for $10k knowing you got it in the bank account [sic]’.
Notable possessors of BDE include Harry Styles, Idris Elba and Rihanna. Yes, bad gal RiRi. Because here’s the thing, Big Dick Energy has nothing to do with actually having a massive wanger, or any kind of wanger at all. Big Dick Energy is all about confidence. Simultaneously unassuming and arresting, it is basically a silent aura which screams to anyone in your presence ‘I got my shit together’.  
So doesn’t Big Dick Energy, this ‘new’ phenomenon attributed to a popstar’s future husband, sound remarkably like pretty much every woman you know? Yes, of course The Rock has BDE, but do you know who else did? Emmeline Pankhurst, women of the Land Army, single mothers in the 1960s, single mothers now, transgender women, the women of Ireland when they voted to repeal the 8th amendment. We are surrounded by BDE in the form of the small micro-acts which women perform daily to survive in a male-dominated world. Because to survive as a woman in a world built for men the biggest of Big Dick Energy is essential.
Instead of questioning the feminist integrity of Big Dick Energy let’s celebrate the women who exude it every single day. And let’s celebrate for Ariana Grande because, well, by the sounds of it she’s a lucky gal.

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